Broadband Internet access is now a reality for SBC/AT&T telephone customers. Now home users and small business can take advantage of the highest speeds on the Internet. In conjunction with SBC/AT&T, offers ADSL as an incredibly affordable high-speed technology.

*Every aDSL connection requires a modem to make it operational. Qualification does not guarantee aDSL service, only a finished installation will allow for final testing and functionality. Call for details!

To get aDSL Service for all your residential or work-at-home needs contact us or click on the DSL Availability button below.

Please refer to the ADSL Add-ons page for options.

**Effective May 15th the cost for DSL service has changed. Please see below.**

1. Primary + Package $24.95 mo.
Up to 1.5Mpbs X 128-384kbps.
3. Advanced Package $29.95 mo.
Up to 3.0Mpbs X 384-512kbps.
4. Advanced + Package $74.95 mo.
Up to 6.0Mpbs X 512-768kpbs. (includes one static IP)
5. Symmetric Package $69.95 mo.
384-416kbps X 384-416kbps

Now you can take advantage of our powerful Symmetric DSL connectivity designed as a true business connection including a static address with a host of add-on services.
ADSL Modem $65.00 one
Up to 4 users service only running one IP address (switch or hub needed for multi-user)

New DSL Pricing for AT&T Customers
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