What is ADSL?
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. ADSL is a modem technology that transforms ordinary phone lines (also known as "twisted copper pairs") into high-speed digital lines for ultra-fast Internet access. ADSL also enables access to corporate networks for telecommuters, as well as exciting new interactive multimedia applications such as multiplayer gaming, video on demand and video catalogs. For more information on what is available from and Verizon call 1-800-535-6423

How do I know if I can get service?

Now Available

Get DSL services without the need for Verizon phone service. Here is a new broadband offering that provides all the advantages of high-speed Internet access with out the additional cost of maintaining phone service. Ask about Standalone DSL from today.

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*Unlimited calling for Continental US, business plans also available.

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What does offer?
Scaleable Bandwidth -Allows you to get as much speed as you need.
Dedicated Access - Gives you connectivity 24 hrs. a day.
Receive a host of free services - 2 e-mail boxes & free webspace.
Upgrade to multi-user program at any speed - Call for details.

What do you need to do for service?
1. Contact to sign-up and get your account information.
2. Get your computer ready (a network card is needed).
4. Your DSL equipment will arrive for you to install.
5. You are connected to the Internet faster than ever before.

Please refer to the ADSL Add-ons page for options.

All quoted prices include the Verizon DSL Line fee. An additional FUSF recovery fee will be added to monthly fees where applicable.

The Universal Service Fund (FUSF) charge is a surcharge collected from telecommunications carriers such as Verizon or SBC to support the federal Universal Service Fund. The Fund ensures that schools, libraries, rural hospitals, and other individuals have access to affordable telecommunications service. All communications providers must contribute to the fund based on revenue incurred during the previous year.

1. Bronze Plus $19.95 mo.
768x128 kbps (Price includes Verizon line fee)
2. Enhanced Silver Plus $39.95 mo.
1500x128-384 kbps (Price includes Verizon line fee)
3. Platinum $49.95 mo.
3.0mb x 768 kbps (Price includes Verizon line fee)
4. Silver $64.95 mo.
384x384 kbps (Price includes Verizon line fee)
5. Gold $99.95 mo.
768x768 kbps (Price includes Verizon line fee)

New DSL Pricing for AT&T Customers
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