Learn more about VoIP from a company that is over 10 years in the Internet Provider business and 107 years in the telephone business (since 1899).
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a broad term being thrown around the Internet and Telecom worlds.
What does it mean for your business?

How can it be applied to lower your communications cost or increase the abilities of your phone system?
What are the types of Digital Phone Service that can provide?
Legacy Telephone Service Integration
(Digital Phone Service on the system you already have) can integrate dial-tone services into your existing phone system through PRI and POTs line emulation. provides you with local dial numbers, caller ID and many other features.

SIP Trunking for Call Managers

Using standard Internet connections, can deliver SIP trunks directly to your IP enabled PBX or Cisco Call Manager. This process can unleash the power of your investment in modern telephony equipment.

Hosted PBX / Digital Phone Services

Hosted Phone Solutions from is a direct replacement for your out of date telephone system and expensive phone services. With features and services that most phone systems can?t come close too, EasyOn Digital Phone is a cost effective solutions that scales to virtually any size.

We can integrate to your current phone system or single line phones using Analog Terminal Adapters (ATA?s) for the one or two line approach or Integrated Access Devices (IAD?s) for PRI emulation. With SIP Trunking can utilize your existing Internet services to provide dial-tone direct to SIP capable equipment. Digital Phones provide us the ability to deliver feature rich services that go beyond the abilities of traditional phone equipment and even your telephone company.

What are some common advantages associated with EasyOn Digital Phone Services?
  • Lower cost for Local and Long Distance Service
  • Enhanced features that come standard with service (Caller ID, Conference Calling, Four Digit Dialing and many more)
  • On-Net Calling that makes service areas that were once long distance now local
  • Call Queing, Auto Attendant and Softphone Integration
  • No term contracts on services.
  • No large PBX or Key System Hardware Investments
  • No service contracts for equipment required
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