X-Stop The Content Blocking Tool for Domains
Protecting your business from inappropriate websites and questionable on-line content is a 24x7 job. The privilege of having Internet access can very easily become a liability, one we can protect you from with our on-line filtering service that blocks access to websites with adult and other questionable content.

Protect your liability at work
X-Stop is ideal for protecting your employees, co-workers and most importantly your company's liability. By creating a web filter that is implemented at, we create a solid wall of protection that cannot be circumvented through your existing connection.

Server-side Technology
Unlike software or services that you have to purchase and install on your computer,'s Filtered Access is controlled on the ISP-side of your connection. There is no software to install or lists to update. X-Stop is constantly updated with the latest library of sites, so you can feel safe that new sites are being blocked every day.

Powerful Control
The web-based interface gives you full control of your filtered access. Content is filtered once your account is activated. Following the steps in our Filtered Access Instructions Section completes the process. You register, we activate it, and the next time you access the Internet you are taking advantage of the best Internet Access Filtering available today.

New DSL Pricing for AT&T Customers
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