Congratulations on your new domain name!

When you are ready to upload your first website use the following instructions :

Address to FTP to the site: “www.(yourdomain).com” (without the quotes)
Note: Cute FTP and other FTP programs ask for the remote host to upload to. Use the above information. Do not use ftp.yourdomain.com. This is not required.

For customers uploading to your Free User Webspace, you will want to use the following FTP site address “www.(Neobright or BrightDSL).net/public_html/” (without the quotes). By using your username and password to log-in you will be provided access to your personal web space.

To upload to your site, using the publisher in your HTML editor, Microsoft Front Page 2000, 2002 and 2003 or use an FTP program like Cute FTP to load your page to the server. Please note that if you are using Front Page, please only use one version to edit and upload the web site and do not use different versions.

If your page was designed with Front Page it must be uploaded with Front Page to insure proper operation of your web site. If you upload using an FTP program similar to Cute FTP, when you connect to the server you will need to upload all your HTML files to the “WWW” directory.

Depending on what server you are listed under, if you do not see a “WWW” directory, you can then just upload to the current ROOT directory when you immediately connect to the server.

Links to Useful Software:

Cute FTP download site: http://www.cuteftp.com/

WS-FTP download site: http://www.ws-ftp.com/

Microsoft’s Front Page 2002: http://www.microsoft.com/


When your page is uploaded and you want to view it on the web (which is live to the world now) you type into your web browser as a URL:
http://www.(your domain).com

After a certain period in time, you may want to view the statistics on your web site, Number of hits, where the hits are coming from etc. To view this information you need to type this into your web browser exactly as stated below:
http://stats.(your domain).com

Below are the E-Mail Addresses that may be created per your request:
** Mail Servers for all listed E-Mail addresses**
** POP3 Mail Server: mail.(your domain).com
** SMTP mail Server: “mail.(your domain).com

If you have more then one registered domain name associated with this account you could also use your other domains as servers (Ex: mail.DOMAIN2.net mail.DOMAIN3.com etc).

POP3 and SMTP servers are used to access the server where your mail lives. This will be specified as POP3 and or SMTP in your E-Mail software. If you have registered more then one domain and unless otherwise specified, all E-Mails will be duplicated on the other registered domains. Therefore, your E-Mail address can be YOU@domain1.com or YOU@domain2.com and all E-Mail will come to one box so you only require one login name and one password to access your E-Mail.

Catch All Information:

Catch All E-Mail address: “ANYTHING@yourdomain.com”
The CATCH ALL account will receive ALL incoming E-Mail messages to accounts and or names that are not already specified on the server. For example, info@yourdomain.com or sales@yourdomain.com will be caught by the Catch ALL unless info and or sales already exists as a real E-Mail address.

Logins, Passwords and E-Mail Addresses:
You can E-Mail systems@neobright.net to create your other free E-Mail address(s).

If you require additional E-Mail addresses over the free addresses you get with your current account, your account will be billed $2.00 per box per month.

All web-hosting accounts also receive 25 free E-Mail forwards. So you@yourdomain.com can be forwarded to another existing E-Mail address.

If you do not know how to setup your E-Mail client to retrieve your E-Mail messages, you can call our Tech Support at 800-743-5707.

Tech Support is only for Dial-up Customers and or E-Mail Client Set-ups. Any other inquiries (Ex: problems retrieving E-Mail, problems uploading to your web site) you should contact Customer Service at 800-535-6423 or send an E-Mail to systems@neobright.net.

If you have any questions about your new domain or E-Mail addresses that we have created, please have your E-Mail or Web/FTP login name ready when calling or emailing us.

Your user name can be located on the Customer Information Welcome Letter that The Systems Department sent you. Please feel free to E-Mail us at systems@neobright.net or contact us at 800-535-6423.

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