Bright.net Internet Providers has a history that extends over 100 years. Established by Doylestown Communications Incorporated (DCI), Bright.net is part of a communications consortium including local phone companies, cable television company and other Internet providers. Bright.net has leveraged this background and experience to stay ahead of the technology curve and make development decisions that form steady growth.

Bright.net's mission is to consistently offer the highest quality Internet experience that our abilities can offer. We base our company on a strong infrastructure of Our Customers, Our Employees and Our Technology.

Each Bright.net customer adds value to our organization from a single dial-up customer to our largest dedicated connections. We approach each interaction with our customers with integrity, honesty and a willingness to do what it takes to provide the proper level of service.

New DSL Pricing for AT&T Customers

bright.net is a service mark of Com Net, Inc.