What threatens your network?
The threat of the Internet is real, whether directed maliciously at your network or as a byproduct of misconfigured equipment or software, there are many ways your network or data can be compromised.

I/ADS looks for varied signatures of attacks or threats. Directed Intrusion is a most lethal threat, this means that an individual is targeting an attack at your network and is planning on exploiting either data or network resources and is prepared to cover their tracks.

Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks are directed at servers or networks with the goal of shutting down communication or overloading them with packets of information.

Suspicious Probes and Activity are normally the precursor to Directed or DoS activity. These attack tests are often blocked by firewall and never reported until a major event occurs; this is one of the main reasons for having an IDS system.

I-TRAP was developed as a forward looking security measure that has Internet based sensors that have the ability to alert other I-TRAP systems.

The name I-TRAP is significant because this system is designed to Tell, Record, Alert and Protect in the event of Internet or Internal Network threats. I-TRAP has developed this system due to the high demand for Internet Security that goes beyond basic Firewall services. As network and Internet threats increase in number and sophistication industry experts agree that a firewall is just not enough.

John Clarke, Manager of Internet services and primary developer of I-TRAP states, "Security goes far beyond a firewall at the border, we want to see the traffic in front of the firewall and any abnormal traffic on the trusted side of your network."

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