Level II: Firewall Monitoring & Internal Intrusion Detection

A significant advancement in security starts by utilizing the reporting capabilities of your Firewall and the I-TRAP IDS/ADS sensor. With this configuration network managers receive the benefit of real-time traffic reporting that is customized to your network and reporting specifications.

Level II service is a Firewall monitoring package (adds the services from Level I) with the inclusion of the I-TRAP I/ADS device. The I-TRAP I/ADS network sensor is configured for internal network monitoring (behind the Firewall). The I/ADS network device records network activity, securely forwards pertinent information to the I-TRAP Master Control and alerts clients in the event of a network incident or breach.

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Installation including I-TRAP IDS and Burn-in Support $1000.00
Monthly Support and Monitoring Service $339.00 mo.

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