The Connection:
As one of the most traditional high-speed data connections, a T-1 connection exhibits strong reliability and connectivity options. T-1's have the ability to connect almost any Bright.net customer to the Internet; they have virtually no geographic restrictions. Due to T-1's unique configuration requirement and pricing that is distance sensitive, it is best to contact a sales representative to make sure this technology is right for you.

The Abilities:
T-1 speeds are measured in increments of 64k called channels. A T-1 has 24 channels and can be utilized to speeds up to 1.5mbps. Once installed, a T-1 speed can be turned up or down without the need for additional hardware or telephone company (telco) circuits. Multiple T-1's can be used to create larger or redundant network connections.

The Technical Info:
A digital transmission link with a capacity of 1.544 Mbps. T-1 lines provide 24 data channels and use in-band signaling. T-1 lines supports 24 64-Kbps channels, each of which can transmit and receive data. The line uses framing and signaling to achieve synchronous and reliable transmission. The most common configurations for T-1 lines are Primary Rate Interface (T-1 PRI) and unchannelized T-1, including fractional T-1. It uses two pairs (4) of twisted pair wires from the telco.

What you need for a T-1:
The components that make up T-1 connectivity are, hardware (consisting of a CSU and a router), a telco circuit and Bright.net connectivity. When it comes to selecting a speed for your T-1 (or fractional T-1) the only parameter that changes is the connectivity rate that you select from Bright.net. The cost and function of the router and telco circuit remain constant (and are not included in the above pricing).

*Prices do not include additional pricing for telco circuit. Speak with a salesperson for details.

T-1 PDF link

128 kbs $199.00 mo.
256 kbs $265.00 mo.
384 kbs $299.00 mo.
512 kbs $359.00 mo.
768 kbs $399.00 mo.
1.15 Mbp $515.00 mo.
1.54 Mbp $599.00 mo.

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